Sunday, February 26, 2006

Birthday Sale at Scrapdish

Come check it out: Rachel at Scrapdish


Here's my new kit called Tranquility uploaded today at Scrapdish. I'm not sure it's the correct name for it as I was feeling anything but Tranquil as I was putting the final touches on it at 4:45 this morning.......warning, I may be a tad, grumpy today. :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

After enjoying the evening chat to wind up RAKweek, I strolled over to enjoy SBB's sale. I managed to pick up some very pretty, girly stuff from Gina Miller (you should be proud of me, Correen) I also purchased Jen Wilson's Season's of Scrap CD and all of her paper and element packs from her Living series. The word art is amazing in this series, I absolutely love it. I actually managed to complete 6 layouts this weekend, 2 for the March newsletter, 2 for fun and 2 RAKS of Calista for Jeanine. Not too bad for having a headcold, and 2 sick kids.

Due in part to Tyler's Autism and his sensory need for gross motor input the boy is non-stop action! I felt this quote " I am here to live loud" suited him perfectly, not only in sound (and yes he is loud) he is just so vibrant!

Credits: Jen Wilson's Being element and paper pack from her Living Series available at SBB

Nicholas, while still being energetic and outgoing, has a quieter, sensitive side. He is a helper and is very concerned for other people and their feelings. He often brings tears to his fathers and my eyes with the things that he says, he has a true Heart of Gold.

credits: Jen Wilson's Caring elements & paper pack from her Living Series available at SBB

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

To help keep RAKScraps a fun and free place for us all the admin team have created a large add-on kit to complement this month's MegaKit. It's in the day old donuts section of Scrapdish and is 25% off until the end of February

RAKScraps February MegaKit has been released and it has a whooping 18 mini-kits in it!! Here's the preview:

The January RAKScraps newsletter was released on Friday. It's packed with tutorials and amazing layouts from our sponsor team, you can check it out here
Our sponsors this month were Silkescraps, Scrapdish and Brenda Kempf. These are the layouts I did.....great way to get creative :)

Nicky: Correen Silke's WinterBoy Paper & Alpha and circular number set available at

SantaBaby: Papers and Elements from Tis The Season by Jeanine Baechtold available at

Little Boy: Leapin' Lizards Kit by Brenda Kempf available at

Friday, February 03, 2006

One of my newer layouts, this was created using my Serenity kit available at
Tyler was only 6 days old in the first photo and even now at almost 4 he still falls asleep with his hand on his head. I just found it so sweet :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hmmm, not much to say.....surprised?

Wow, blogging is strange. For a person that usually can't keep her mouth shut (much to Joseph's chagrin) I really don't have anything to say....pressure, come on, think.
Okay kid stories, they are entertaining........
My oldest son, Nicholas who will be 6 in March, told his father and I that he was sexy, tonight. Ummmm, well what exactly do you say when your son, hip stuck out and hands on hips pronounces that he is sexy? Where did he hear this word.....acckkkkk I swear this time it wasn't me. I can take the blame for a lot of the repetions that have come out of his mouth but not this one. That kid gets me at least once a day (he's going to be a sarcastic, smart ass just like his dad.....okay like his mum, but don't tell Joseph I admitted to that) He is cute though so I guess we'll keep him.
Well I'm off to bed, I work early tommorrow...oh joy! Have a great night!!

RAKScraps Gallery Mixer

Make sure you get your entries in for RAKScraps Treasure Hunt and join us for the Gallery Mixer Chat which begins at 7:30 (9:30 EST), Friday, February 3rd. They are a blast, tommorrow night Correen will be hosting and I will be her trusty sidekick.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Starting with a Tag

I've been tagged by Robin

WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 YEARS AGO? Joseph and I were living in the southwest. We had opened up a gallery and I was bartending at a pub as well

Pretty much the same as I am doing now. Working at Rona, working at RAKScraps, Designing for Scrapdish and Northern-Elements....

1. Chocolate
2. Candy Canes
3. Banana Bread Pizza (too good for words)
4.Oatmeal Cookies
5. Plain Chips

1. My Hump by the Black Eyed Peas (that song gets in your head)
2. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
3.I'll Never Leave by Lumidee
4. Wherever You Will Go by the Calling
5. I pretty much make up the rest of the words by myself :)

1. Nagging
2. Letting the Kids Win..
3. Biting My Nails
4. Opening things with my teeth
5. Snapping my gum

1. Playing with my kids
2.Hanging out with Karol & Mike
3. Digiscrapping
5.Family Dinners with my mum and grandparents

1. Spandex (really it looked good at the time)
2.A perm
3.White Paint for the walls (especially with kids)
4. A Sony Digital Camera
5.Platinum Blonde Hairdye

1. My Computer
2. Photoshop
3.Digital Camera
4. Photoshop Filters
5. Wacom Tablet (fingers crossed it's on my birthday wishlist)

Ummm....well Jeanine and Correen of course :)